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Good For Good Health

Enjoy fresh and cooked Tasmanian seafood situated on the stunning foreshore at Bicheno. The Lobster Shack provides a unique Tasmanian seafood experience with a premium menu that includes fresh Tasmanian beer battered fish and chips, mouth watering seafood chowder, fresh Tasmanian oysters, Lobster rolls, premium Tasmanian wines, beers and ciders, along with world class barista made Allpress Espresso coffee, Van Diemen Land icecreams and a beautiful range of fresh seafood which you can take away to your accommodation for you to prepare your way.

Wide Verity of Sea Fish to Taste

Seafood is any kind of marine life which is regarded as edible by human beings. Seafood includes mollusks like octopus and shellfish, fishes, crustaceans like shrimps and lobsters, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. Micro algae and seaweeds are also consumed by humans as sea vegetables. The principal sea fishes include trout, cod, mackerel, anchovy, carp, herring, tuna, snapper, salmon, halibut, sardine, eel, catfish and haddock. Seafood is immensely popular all over the world. They are eaten raw, baked, cooked and even smoked for consumption. Seafood is not only popular because of the taste but also due to the various health benefits associated with it. Some of the health benefits are mentioned as follows.

The Ultimate Fish Buying Experience

Seafood is extremely low in fat quantity. A recent research has brought to light the fact that seafood has extremely low quantities of fat. This makes it immensely popular among individuals who want to shed weight and also for those individuals who want to maintain a good health. Seafood has lower fat content than even the leanest chicken or meat, that an individual can get from the market. Another advantage with seafood is that an individual does not have to trim the fat from the food he or she eats. You can simply bake, grill, barbeque, steam, micro wave or poach the seafood as it has low fat content. Using less oil to cook the fish will keep down the fats.